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the eno trio

The three things celebrated here are wine, cheese, and chocolate. Red wine  or white, you’ll pick from an award-winning array of fine vintages. Then you’ll choose the supporting cast.  Savor outstanding cheeses from around the world or lose yourself in the delightful decadence of hand-crafted truffles and chocolate bars, lovingly prepared by local chocolatiers. All of these gourmet treasures are served in a welcoming, unpretentious atmosphere, by a staff committed to creating a wonderful  tasting experience.

Browse our award-winning wine cellars with selections from around the world - offered by the bottle, glass, or flight (set of three) and served in elegant glassware. Choose from an outstanding international collection of cheeses - served on marble slabs and accompanied by dried fruit, honey, and nuts. Chocolate lovers can select from an ever-changing menu of handmade truffles and bars crafted by local chocolatiers.

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Showcasing varietals from around the world. Available by the bottle, glass, or flight. Served in elegant glassware and on attractive hickory boards.

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 Normally the cheese complements the wine, but we believe a pairing should not only boost the wine’s flavor, but likewise enhance the savory essence of the cheese as well. To introduce you to the many pleasures this combination offers, our wine and cheese bars offer a wide variety of cheeses from around the world - from the fertile farmlands of Wisconsin to the exotic hills and valleys of Brazil. Cheese selections are served on attractive marble slabs, accompanied by dried fruit, honey, and nuts. 

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Few gourmet treats stir the passions like chocolate. Rich, creamy, and decadent, this sweet confection taps into our deepest emotions - pleasure, joy, sadness, and delight. Each ENO chocolate restaurant serves up an ever-changing list of hand-crafted truffles and chocolate bars produced by local chocolatiers. And we serve these tasty delights as single servings or in flights (sets of three chocolates).

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