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Wine is one of our oldest and most sensual gourmet pleasures, while the wine tasting bar is a more recent treat. ENO  celebrates this relatively new pastime by inviting you to visit our wine tasting lounges in Chicago, Coronado, Laguna, San Diego, DC and the San Francisco Bay Area. We offer an award-winning selection of wines from around the world, all of which can be paired with our tantalizing cheese and chocolate menus. Or you can really soak up the experience through our ENOversity classes, which provide a thorough but fun and casual peek into the delights of wine, cheese, and chocolate. Think of it as your own personal wine guide. From private parties to wine tasting tours, ENO offers a variety of services and features for experts and the budding enophile alike.

  • ENOversity classes, held at select locations, covering the histories, varieties, and pairings of wine, cheese, and chocolate
  • Private parties, held in a small, private tasting room separate from the bar; ENO can also cater larger parties
  • Featured wine, showcasing a particular vineyard and wine each month
  • Retail stores, at each of our locations, allowing you to purchase your favorite wines, cheeses, and chocolates
  • Food and wine events, held regularly at our locations

Learn about the World's Top Wine-Producing Regions.

Celebrate good taste and great friends at ENO wine tasting bars – where a fabulous selection of international wines, sumptuous cheeses, and decadent chocolates makes for a fun, friendly tasting experience.

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As if our flavor-rich menus weren't intoxicating enough, ENO boasts a warm, approachable staff committed to your education in wine, cheese, and chocolate. We provide personalized attention uncommon at conventional wine bars.

Whether you're a novice or long-time aficionado, you'll gain new insight into our gourmet delights. Our wine tasting rooms feature lighted tables with names of varietals etched into them … allowing our sommeliers to stand in front of you and recommend and explain pairings based on specific tastes, moods, and preferences.

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