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If you’re ready to immerse yourself in the pleasures of wine, chocolate, and cheese, ENO has the perfect wine class for you. Browse our wine event calendar to find out more about upcoming classes and seminars in the Bay Area, Chicago, Laguna, and San Diego today at our ENO locations:

InterContinental Chicago Magnificent Mile

ENOversity 2015 Schedule:

February 22: Syrah

March 22: Organic/ Bio Dynamic Wine

April 19: Wine Tasting 101

May 17: Women Winemakers

June 28: the Noble Varietals

July 19: Mediterranean Wines

August 23: Argentina and Chile

September 20: Loire 

October 18: Pacific Northwest

November 15: Spain and Portugal

December 13: Sparkling

  • Classes start at 6pm
  • Taste 5 wines that are made with little or no manipulation
  • Each wine will be paired with charcuterie, cheese and chocolate
  • Tasting led by Lee Anderson
  • $50 per student (tax and gratuity included).

Please email Alex Smith at: for more information and to purchase tickets.

Georgetown, DC

Class is in Session.

ENO is excited to announce its ENOversity class lineup with a variety of education classes led by ENO’s in-house wine geeks Sabrina Kroeger and Roberto Picado. During each ENOversity class, guests will taste five wines paired with charcuterie, cheese and chocolate. 


March 18th, 6-8pm - Oenos Imports- Athanasios Papanikolaou from Oenos Imports will be our wine expert hosting the ENOversity in March. They specialize in Greek and Italian Wines, and you can find many of their Greek Wines at Eno as well as wines from Chateau Maris from France where he represents.

April 22nd, 6-8pm  - Paradise Springs Winery- Tastings from a Winery right near DC, in Clifton Virginia.

May 20th, 6-8pm - Early Mountain Vineyards- Enjoy wines from this Vineyard located in Madison VA. 

2015 Enoversity Sunday Class Line- Up

March 1 - "Somm might say" - Join us for an exciting guided blind- tasting
During a guided and interactive blind-tasting, guests will form unbiased opinions on five wines from around the world, typical of their terroir. Students will leave with customized cheat sheets to assist with future wine tastings

April 5 – “Budbreak” -Celebrate Spring with the world’s favorite Rose wines
To celebrate Spring, Rosé wine will be the topic of discussion. The class will concentrate on the 2013 Paradise Springs "Nana's Rosé", Clifton, Virginia, the 2013 Le Pas de L'Escalette Ze Roze, Languedoc, France, and the 2013 Kivelstadt "Twice Removed", Rosé of Mourvedre, from Sonoma County, California, amongst others.

May 3 – “Oaked?” -Comparing Old World and New World Chardonnay
Students will study Chardonnays from different regions such as the Domaine de Bois d’Yver Chablis from France, Yellow and Blue Chardonnay from Lodi, California, and a selection from Italy and Australia.

June 7 – “Not too sweet” Riesling- Quite a variety!
All about Riesling, participants of this session will sample varieties from Germany, Austria, New York, Washington State, and Australia. Featured wine include Pewsey Vale Riesling from Eden Valley Australia and Melsheimer's Kabinett Riesling from Mosei, Germany.

July 1  – “Who needs Lemonade?” The World’s favorite Sauvignon Blancs (Sancerre, New Zealand, USA)

August 2 – “Beat the heat with Pinot Gris” – Italy, Washington, Oregon, Alsace, Virginia (Rosemont)

September 6 – “Harvest in the North” – Northern Hemisphere Classics (France, Italy, Germany, Spain, USA)

October 4  – “The rise of Virginia Wines” – History, wine making, best examples of quality

November 1 – “Thanks for Malbec” – Comparing Styles - France & Argentina

December 6 – “What to drink for Xmas” – classic wine pairings with holiday celebration food

Space is limited and reservations are required. To purchase tickets call 202-295-2826 or email

San Francisco, CA

Stay tuned for the 2014 ENOversity schedule!

The Ritz-Carlton, Half Moon Bay

 Vintner Series
 Bringing the California Wine Country and wine educators to ENO every weekend for the passionate wine connoisseur. 
Tasting Fees range from $20 - $40 per person, contact resort reservations for additional information: (650) 712-7040.

Hotel del Coronado 

ENOversity Schedule

  • ENO is thrilled to offer “ENOversity” classes, where renowned winemakers, cheesemakers and chocolatiers will join our sommeliers in leading ENOversity classes through an exploration of the histories, types and flavors of exquisite wines by suggesting cheese and chocolate pairings, each individually chosen to perfectly complement the selection of wines. For reservations and information, please call 619-522-8546.  
  • For more information about ENO, please call 800-HOTEL-DEL or visit the Eno Wine Room at the Hotel Del Coronado.

Being an enophile is more than appreciating great wine - it's a lifestyle. At ENO, we celebrate good taste with a world-class array of international wines, cheese, and chocolates. Attracting both novices and aficionados, our wine events and classes offer a casual, educational, and most important, fun tasting experience for all.

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As if our flavor-rich menus weren't intoxicating enough, ENO boasts a warm, approachable staff committed to your education in wine, cheese, and chocolate. We provide personalized attention uncommon at conventional wine bars.

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