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Rush Creek Cheese

Posted January 10, 2011 in Cheese

Uplands Farm is coming out with another cheese! After years of focusing on Pleasant Ridge Reserve, Uplands is getting ready to roll out another cheese for the winter season. Pleasant Ridge is famous for the only cheese to have won the American Cheese Society Best of Show Award more than once. It has won 3 times!

The new cheese, Rush Creek, will make it’s debut in the next couple of weeks. A creamy, decadent, soft cheese wrapped in birch bark, it is a perfect pairing with a German Auslese. The Michigan Ave location is planning on serving it for couples or small groups. The top will be cut away and it will simply be served with a spoon. Can you think of anything more perfect than watching the snowfall on Michigan Avenue while enjoying this cheese?

The cheese is the brainchild or Andy Wedge. Andy joined the Uplands team in 2007 and slowly taken over the operations of the creamery. He wanted to grow a little beyond the Pleasant Ridge. The plan is for Rush Creek to be 4,000 12 oz wheels. The cheese is being seen as a groundbreaking cheese for the area. In Europe, such a cheese is more common and served only a month or so after production. In the US, the cheese must be aged a minimum of 60 days. A series of trial and error was getting the flavor and texture to develop with the perfect timing. We had the unique opportunity to sample the cheese last week. Trust us, this is another stunning chapter for Uplands.


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