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Organic is better?

Posted February 24, 2008 in Going Green!

As you look through the wine lists at the different ENO locations, you will notice quitea few organic and biodynamic wine producers. Does it always make a better wine? Ibelieve it is our obligation to do as little damage to our environment as possible.However ,my gravitation towards grape growers and winemakers with the same outlook has happened quite by accident. I never ask before tasting a wine, but it seems to be a theme once I have already decided it deserves a place on our Chicago list. If two ines offer a similar flavor profile and price, I would naturally choose the more environmentally friendly wine. We are also finding a growing number of our guests asking for wines made in an environmentally friendly fashion. But before everyone runs out to buy a bottle of “organic” wine, remember it is just as easy to make a bad wine while practicing sustainable farming. Let us know your thoughts!


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