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Malbec explodes!

Posted August 13, 2009 in Wine, Wine Everywhere

As I am sure you have noticed lately, Malbec seems to be everywhere! Our wine director at the Hotel Del in San Diego recently wrote a piece devoted to Malbec and it’s different styles for a San Diego paper. Our Chicago Intercontinental location was also contacted about an article. Why is everyone flocking to Malbec? Malbec is one of the original Bordeaux varietals but is generally not seen except in very small amounts any more in Bordeaux. If you head to the southwest of France, it begins to dominate. In the southwest area, it is generally a little more rustic and powerful. It stands in stark contrast to the big, dark, vanilla, and cherry flavored Malbecs coming from Argentina. We think each has it’s place and love them, one and all! Why has Malbec taken off in the past few years? The main reason is probably value. Malbecs are available in a range of prices. The $10 Malbecs from Argentina are excellent with harder cheeses and perfect for a summer BBQ. They have the familiar dark fruit and vanilla characteristics of Cabernet Sauvignon, without the big Napa $$. The tannins on most of the New World Malbecs are very approachable as well. In short, it has a little to offer everyone at an affordable price. While Malbecs from Mendoza, Argentina are plentiful; keep an eye out for lighter style Malbecs from Patagonia. They have a really unique black tea note. Let us know what your favorites are!�


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