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Going Green!


You can lose your name, but keep your soul (at least in wine)

Richard Sanford has been a leading name in California winemaking for over 40 years.  He was one of the first champions of organic farming as well.  He has been a pioneer.......


Wine on Tap

The ENO Chicago Intercontinental was the first ENO to launch wine on tap recently...


Bio D in Oz

Last year I spent a couple of weeks in Australia, crossing from one side of the country to the other meeting winemakers and tasting some great wines.  The Australians had decided to bring a group of American/Canadian wine professionals over to show them all the wines were not just cute...

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Amazing story of Domaine Guiberteau

With the New Year, the hustle and bustle starts all over again. Take the time to listed to this amazing story of Domaine Guiberteau. The Cab Franc and Chenin Blancs are made without sprays, chemicals, or addition of yeast.

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Marcel Lapierre

Wine people always have their little favorites. Every wine person can go on and on for hours about individual wines. Why something is better or why everyone should be drinking this or that.......... I highly encourage you to drink what you like, and if we can steer you towards something ...

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Oregon and Carbon Neutral

Soter Vineyard is one of our favorites and a leader in going Carbon Neutral! If you have not tried the sparkling from Tony Soter, you are missing out on a true gem from the USA. I would rather drink a Soter Rose than almost any Champagne, expecially given the price. ...


Biodynamics up close

Last week I visited Quivera in Dry Creek, Sonoma. A relatively small winery specializing in Zinfandel, Sauvignon Blanc, and a few small production Rhone varietal bottlings. Over the last decade, they have moved to using biodynamic principles throughout the winery. They employ a full time person to oversee a full ...

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Organic is better?

As you look through the wine lists at the different ENO locations, you will notice quitea few organic and biodynamic wine producers. Does it always make a better wine? Ibelieve it is our obligation to do as little damage to our environment as possible.However ,my gravitation towards grape growers and winemakers with the same ...

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As if our flavor-rich menus weren't intoxicating enough, ENO boasts a warm, approachable staff committed to your education in wine, cheese, and chocolate. We provide personalized attention uncommon at conventional wine bars.

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