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Rush Creek Cheese

Rush Creek Cheese

Uplands Farm is coming out with another cheese! After years of focusing on Pleasant Ridge Reserve, Uplands is getting ready to roll out another cheese for the winter season. Pleasant Ridge is famous for...

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Luck O’ the Irish

The history of cheese making in Ireland dates back to some of the earliest in modern history - as far back as the 8th century. Their influence is so pervasive that examples of it can be seen across Europe. Most famously in Alsace where it is said that the cheese muenster is ...

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Comments from ENO Cheesemonger Jason Truckenmiller

ENO focuses on several factors to determine how we select what we serve. Obviously, flavor being first and foremost. A certain cheese may be considered one of the “world’s finest,” but if the flavor or aroma is too strong the average American palette won’t go for it. Another factor ...

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As if our flavor-rich menus weren't intoxicating enough, ENO boasts a warm, approachable staff committed to your education in wine, cheese, and chocolate. We provide personalized attention uncommon at conventional wine bars.

Whether you're a novice or long-time aficionado, you'll gain new insight into our gourmet delights. Our wine tasting rooms feature lighted tables with names of varietals etched into them … allowing our sommeliers to stand in front of you and recommend and explain pairings based on specific tastes, moods, and preferences.

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