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Blind tasting can be fun, and a real education

Posted January 10, 2011 in ENOversity, Wine, Wine Everywhere


Take a look at the video link and try not to be jealous of the incredible wine they are drinking, there is a great ending. Well worth the subtitles. We have done blind tastings at our Chicago Michigan Avenue location for the past couple of years on Sundays and Mondays. They are quite educational for everyone. A couple of weeks ago, we opened a 1991 Leonetti Cabernet Sauvignon from Washington. The most common guess was a Bordeaux from the late 90s. Very few people think Washington, but as the most recent Wine Spectator has shown, it is a region with great potential.


We have run the gamut on Pinot Noir from around the world as well. Everything from an Australian Pinot for under $30 to Burgundy for over $100. Believe it or not, most people don’t know what to think of the wine until after we tell them what it is. Knowing you should appreciate or like something after finding out what it is can be astonishing. The most common comment is, “it is really opening up now and I can really taste it.”


Blind tastings can be a real eye opener. The best thing to learn is to be thankful if you are happy with a great value wine. If you zone in on the higher end wines and have an excellent pallate, it may cost you a little more in life to be happy but learning to appreciate the finer things is a less well learned and to be savored. Stop in and give it a try. You never know what you’ll be drinking!




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