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Posted January 21, 2011 in Going Green!, Wine, Wine Everywhere, Winemakers

Last year I spent a couple of weeks in Australia, crossing from one side of the country to the other meeting winemakers and tasting some great wines.  The Australians had decided to bring a group of American/Canadian wine professionals over to show them all the wines were not just cute little animals on the labels.  They showed us wineries and winemakers who had a sense of place.  Mike Brown from Gemtree is a winemaker who is focused on bringing whatever is in his vineyard to the bottle.  This is a great interview. When we met him it was really early in the morning and he is a pretty big man.  When he launched into his discusssion on soil, we were almost too scared not to listen!  He is a little intimidating at first.  By the end, we realized, he is a passionate winemaker making wines that really show a sense of place. 



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