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Joy Sterling and Iron Horse

Iron Horse has become one of the leaders in sparkling wine in the USA. Schramsberg, Tony Soter, and Iron Horse are among our favorites, with and occasional Argyle. Joy Sterling will join us at the ENO on Michigan Ave on Sept. 15th as part of our Harvest Week celebration. We ...

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Greg Brewer and Diatom

Greg Brewer is taking Chardonnay is a different direction. Everyone knows the big, buttery style and a growing number are moving to the "unoaked" version. Greg has done a little of both but with the tiny production Diatom wines, he is clearly moving in a direction all his own. Diatom ...

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Dusi Zin and Harvest in Paso Robles

The Dusi family has been growing grapes since the 1920s. In the last decade have they made a little of their own wine, with daughter Janelle as the winemaker. Over the last year, ENO has featured this extremely small production Zin as part of it's ENO flight. Listen to Janelle ...

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Jean Philipe Fichet- Burgundy at it’s best

Jean Philip makes some of the most spectacular white Burgundies we have had the oportunity to taste. Teh following video explains exactly what makes his wines so special. Le Tesson is one of the "do not miss" Chardonnays with racing acidity standing up to the expected richness of a Meursault. The rockiness ...

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Oregon and Carbon Neutral

Soter Vineyard is one of our favorites and a leader in going Carbon Neutral! If you have not tried the sparkling from Tony Soter, you are missing out on a true gem from the USA. I would rather drink a Soter Rose than almost any Champagne, expecially given the price. ...

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