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A Fresh New Take On The Neighborhood Wine Bar

Picture a place where you can savor three of the world’s most favorite indulgences - wine, cheese, and chocolate. Then mix in the comforts of your favorite neighborhood hangout. This is ENO – a collection of warm and intimate wine bars in Chicago, Coronado, Laguna, San Diego, DC and the San Francisco Bay Area. No matter which city you’re in, you can be sure this is the place to be, with great service, fantastic wines, and a smart yet totally relaxing atmosphere.

Browse our award-winning wine cellars with selections from around the world - offered by the bottle, glass, or flight (set of three) and served in elegant glassware. Choose from an outstanding international collection of cheeses - served on marble slabs and accompanied by dried fruit, honey, and nuts. Chocolate lovers can select from an ever-changing menu of handmade truffles and bars crafted by local chocolatiers. From after-work get-togethers to private parties and romantic dates, ENO’s wine tasting bars are the next generation of the friendly corner pub.

Learn about the varietals served in our Wine Tasting Rooms.

Say Goodbye To The Usual Stuffy Wine Tasting Bars And Clubs

Celebrate good taste and great friends at ENO wine bars – where a fabulous selection of international wines, sumptuous cheeses, and decadent chocolates makes for a fun, friendly tasting experience.

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ENO Experience Gift Baskets Now Available at our Magnificent Mile Location

We now offer two different gift baskets at ENO Mag Mile, Bon Soiree and ENOcopia.

Bon Soiree basket includes: Dusted Valley, Laura Chenel's Chevre, Beecher's Handmade Crackers, Gail Ambrosios Chocolates, Acacia Wood Cheese Board, Forged Soft Cheese Knife and a Woven Milk Crate Basket for $125.

ENOcopia basket includes: Dusted Valley, Sparkling Vouvray, Laura Chenel's Chevre, Dequmana Olives, Beecher's Handmade Crackers, Gail Ambrosios Chocolates, Acacia Wood Cheese Board, Forged Soft Cheese Knife and a Woven Milk Crate Basket for $175.

Email Alex Smith at smithalexanderd@gmail.com to order your gift baskets today.

September 12, 2012 | Posted in Chicago | No Comments »

Comments from ENO Cheesemonger Jason Truckenmiller

ENO focuses on several factors to determine how we select what we serve. Obviously, flavor being first and foremost. A certain cheese may be considered one of the “world’s finest,” but if the flavor or aroma is too strong the average American palette won’t go for it. Another factor ...

April 11, 2008 | Posted in Cheese | No Comments »

Gary Miller visits ENO- Chicago

Gary Miller, former chef turned winemaker, returned to Chicago this week to pour his wines for our Friday afternoon crowd. Gary took the time to answer a few questions with our Wine Director, Jen Koch, as well. With the snow falling, we featured Gary's Pinot Noir, Syrah, and port in ...

March 09, 2008 | Posted in Winemakers | No Comments »

Twisted Oak

Twisted Oak is a small winery in the Sierra Foothills. Everyone knows there are some great, old-vine zins hidden in the hills, but looking for Spanish and Portuguese grape varieties is not the first thing people on their mind. Twisted Oak is a different type of winery. Our Chicago location ...

February 29, 2008 | Posted in ENOversity | No Comments »

Organic is better?

As you look through the wine lists at the different ENO locations, you will notice quitea few organic and biodynamic wine producers. Does it always make a better wine? Ibelieve it is our obligation to do as little damage to our environment as possible.However ,my gravitation towards grape growers and winemakers with the same ...

February 24, 2008 | Posted in Going Green! | No Comments »

Welcome to the ENO Wine Rooms Blog!

Your Forum for Wine, Cheese & Chocolate…

January 30, 2008 | Posted in Wine, Wine Everywhere | No Comments »
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As if our flavor-rich menus weren't intoxicating enough, ENO boasts a warm, approachable staff committed to your education in wine, cheese, and chocolate. We provide personalized attention uncommon at conventional wine bars.

Whether you're a novice or long-time aficionado, you'll gain new insight into our gourmet delights. Our wine tasting rooms feature lighted tables with names of varietals etched into them … allowing our sommeliers to stand in front of you and recommend and explain pairings based on specific tastes, moods, and preferences.

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